Writer’s Block: Take 2

New Year’s Resolution:

will finish writing a complete draft of at least one novel.

I say that as I sit on my couch watching Netflix like

gif one

In my head, I have several ideas to write about and it plays like a movie reel constantly. I’m pretty sure I imagine it more than I write, which I think might be my problem.

Realistically, I recognize that I need to rewrite my Wattpad version of one of my stories because it truly is cringe-worthy, but it’s my favorite idea and I love that story and see the potential in it. Unfortunately I have already pictured the “rewrite” in my head so it’s like I want to speed onto #2 in the series.

I really want to actually.

Okay, I have.

Sue me.

I know, I know. Priorities, but then my head spins out and I get left sitting there like, “What do I do?”

I believe in the advise of many great authors: to just keep writing, no matter what it is, just write.

Somebody in the writing world should coin that. Just write. That’s the key slogan circulating the writing world, similar to that of Nike’s slogan Just Do It. We hear it, we write it, for the most part we actually do it.

It ruminates in our minds during these dreaded periods of writer’s block, but you know what Nike? Sometimes a slogan just isn’t enough to get me off the couch and to the gym.

Rant over.



Writers Block: Take 1

I keep telling myself I will write tonight. I even feel inspired. I turned on my Spotify, set the mood music, and was ready. Yet, instead of rewriting the story I started four years (you know, to take the cringe worthy parts out), I entertained myself with inspirational writing videos on YouTube and funny memes on Pinterest.


Ahh Batman–


Back to the original purpose of this post: let’s stay distracted even further and continue not to write.

It’s crazy how easy it is to do that. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this. My sitting for the past four hours has been wasted and so far has only resulted in a crick in my neck and a numb behind.

I’m going to try to refocus myself with some inspiration…this is all I came up with.


I mean, I laughed…

Yes… I got this off of Pinterest…

Right, supposed to be getting back to writing.



New Year


Happy New Year

Dear 2016,

I understand we all have been through so much and recognize you probably won’t send us all sunshine and rainbows. I’m not asking you to pave a golden path for all of us. That is clearly not your style, but I do ask that you fill us all with a childlike sense of wonder. Give us the urge to travel and capture the vast beauty you hold for us. Let the hope for tomorrow be greater than the sorrows of today. Let the dreamer in all of us be bigger than the fear residing in our hearts. Wash away our anxieties in your sea of wondrous whispers. Whisk away our temptations to take the short cuts. If anybody knows this for certain, it’s you, that the view is the best part, the part we will tell of. Help us to remember amidst our struggles to look up and see the Father who crowned us with glory, who is cheering us on in this race we call life. Help us to remember that there are brighter days on the other side of the whirling storm that can leave us feeling trapped.

Leave us breathless, captivated and full of joy. Let your warm breeze dance around all of us, joining in your celebration and in thanksgiving to our Creator. Let the love we know so dearly only grow stronger. Invoke in us a passion that goes unscripted.

And lastly 2016, meet us on on our journeys and you know, for once it would be nice to have a nice pat on the back as we go forth into your humble abyss.


All of the hairbrush singers, dashboard drummers, fearless dancers, the go-getters, the difference makers, and the big chance takers.

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On The Edge

I’m afraid.

It’s funny to see that written because I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot of pride when it comes to a fear of anything. In fact, before I ever admit to being afraid I will find excuses. I will blame, I will look for reasons to walk away, I will run.

I suppose you’re wondering what it is exactly that I am afraid of.


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