A Letter To My Ag Teacher

It was an honor to write this about my former ag teacher. I miss him so much. Thank you to all of our ag teachers in the world.

Agricultural Education and Communications

Thank you.

I have the highest respect for you. You helped me become the person I’m meant to be. You pushed me, you believed in me when no one else would, and you got mad at me anytime I didn’t give my best. You went beyond being just another teacher. You were more than a coach, even more than a mentor. You were family. In fact, you spent time away from your own family to treat us like your own.

An ag teacher helping students with animals. An ag teacher from Hobbs, N.M. Photos courtesy of Shawn Dennis

For that, I am forever grateful. It is in these moments, as I’ve gotten older, that I realize just how much I miss having you around to push me, to coach me, to guide me. You showed me just how fun life can be even in the midst of stressful situations like state contests.

I’ll never forget those ridiculous…

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