Finding God In The Small Things


Today, I prayed this really cool prayer and asked God to reveal Himself in the little details that happen throughout the day.
Here’s what happened.

So, after work, I was walking my dogs and these two girls ran up to me to pet them. They tugged me back over to their parents, who were grilling some burgers a little further away. After the common pleasantries were exchanged that often accompanied meeting new people, they did the unthinkable. They asked me over for dinner. Of course, I declined. I’m not sure what was more shocking, the fact that I tried to turn down a burger while I’m dead broke, or that I was truly bewildered at the thought of strangers asking me over for dinner.

Did that even exist anymore?
After a lot of persuasion, I finally gave in and followed the sweet family back to their apartment. Turns out, we all had a lot more in common than I had expected. I found myself reluctant to leave because it’s the first genuine interaction I’ve had outside of work since I moved to this town. When I got back to my apartment I sat down and smiled. And then I began to wonder. Why doesn’t that happen more often? Parents, I know what you’re thinking: kidnappers. Ladies: creepers. Men: (crickets)
Kidding 🙂 (maybe)

Here’s the thing, I label myself as a “Christian”, I work at a “Christian” company, I go to a “christian” church (well..okay..not often), I post “Christian” things, and read “Christian” books, and the most Christ like thing I’ve experienced in months? It happened today.
And the word God or faith was never once used.
That’s love. That’s Christ-like love.

And so, I was hit with a spiritual slap to the face and was reminded of James 2:14-26. Faith without works, is dead.

Truth is, their invitation showed more of Jesus than any words I could ever write or any picture I could ever post.
Their invitation was the epitome of Jesus. How many times does He invite us to walk with Him daily, but because it wasn’t embellished with prophetic words or dressed up like the building of a church, do we decline?
I challenge you to pray that same prayer and watch God show up in some crazy ways.


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